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Efflorescence is the gift that keeps on giving. Like pyrites to precast, efflorescence is an unsightly condition that can ruin the appearance of your masonry structure or even damage it to the point of repair. What causes efflorescence?  A recent article published in July 2019 Masonry Magazine takes an in depth look at the issue at hand, the following is a excerpt from that article, the full article can be accessed by members of Mason Contractors Association of America.

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Overlay of Existing Sealants

Overlay: When Is It Appropriate?

Leaving existing joint sealant in place and installing an overlay of new sealant can be an option if the conditions allow. While this could be considered a cost saving technique, the majority of existing conditions would not be acceptable for this technique. While it would save the installer time, in addition to material, by not removing the existing sealant, it mostly results in improper joint design and extremely premature failing of system.

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Initial Rate of Absorption in Masonry


Masonry mortar must bond well to the masonry units in the wall. Brick absorption, including initial rate of absorption (IRA), is an important property affecting the bond. IRA also is a property for which a standard test method exists.

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J.S. Goray Inc Completes Project At OSHA

J.S. Goray Inc Completes Sealant Replacement on OSHA Directorate of Training and Education

At J.S. Goray Inc, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail for workplace safety. Our firm has been active in the Associated Builders and Contractors’ Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) for over two decades; and has received multiple Platinum and Diamond level awards.

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What Is The Right Price?

The Right Price

The pricing of building restoration work is more of an art than a science. An accurate estimate and proposal  is critical to both the contractor and owner. Under bidding of projects will result in a very low Bid - Hit ratio. This would seem to work to the owners advantage but unfortunately the opposite result is more likely.

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